Friday, December 21, 2007

UHF5269 forever! Analoggites Unite!

Attention Analoggite TV lovers! The channels on UHF from 52 to 69 will be taken off the air starting February (Febuary? who cares!) of 2009. We are going to be crammed with digital ads and force fed pipeline subliminal suggestions.

It will force EVERYONE to get rid of their analog TVs and get digital TVs. They've already turned it off in England.

Andwhere are we going to send all these TVs? Not every country has the same TV signal type, and we will be limited to where they can be sent. Otherwise they will end up in our landfills. Maybe we can use the methane that comes out of them, power an electrical generator and run the TVs from there. Imaging lighting up your local garbage pile, but not with Seinfeld reruns, but "TV snow"!

For the cynical there's entrepreneurial opportunities by the cash boatload:

- become a digital TV salesman, advertiser, or distributor

- Setup a non-profit to collect the TVs and dispose of them, with goverment grants and/or tax credits

- Start a TV removal service, partly sponsored by local digital TV retailers

- Start an NGO to facilitate taking out the old TVs and shipping them somewhere (?)

- get some land and make a national center (dump off) spot for the TVs.

- find another way to use the old TVs; as a table with a slip cover over it? A very small floor standing game board?

And many more! Just not analog!

Analoggites Unite, and let them hear you!

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